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See The Good: What The STG Project is all about

I was 15 when I made a choice that ended up being the center of everything I do. I’ve never been one to walk around with “vegan” on my forehead or wince when someone offered me meat or treat anyone differently because of their food choices, but I am extremely proud to call myself vegan. It’s funny… I get asked questions like “when are you going to quit” or if “I am still vegan” all the time. I never intended on it being just a phase of my life, but these questions are so intimating as a newly vegan. And going vegan itself is intimidating; so intimidating that when I first started, I didn’t tell anyone until a month or two in. Actually, I didn’t even tell anyone then. I waited for people to ask me instead of making a public announcement about it.

The thing is, the moment I decided to go vegan I still had doubts and I didn’t want to be held accountable for quitting if I couldn’t stick to it. But I was determined to give it my best shot and after a while, I realized how amazing I felt, how much I loved this lifestyle and how much I love who I am. Of course, there is plenty that I can say on the topic of slaughterhouses but veganism goes so much deeper than saving an innocent cow’s life. Actually… it’s your life that could use some saving.

I am beyond grateful for the amazingly full life I live as a vegan and the immense impact this lifestyle choice has had on me. Over the years, it’s become more and more obvious that veganism was never just a hobby of mine. I discovered that I view life a little bit differently because of this lifestyle and overtime I realized that all of my passions and dreams circulate around veganism. I never expected that my initial decision to transition into a vegan diet would lead me to a lifetime of purpose, but it has and I am incredibly eager to share my amazing life with you.

When I initially transitioned into a vegan diet, vegans had this stereotype of being overly aggressive activists that chanted “meat is murder” everywhere they went. I was never like that. Do I agree with how they treat animals in slaughterhouses? Absolutely not… But it was a decision I made for myself and not a decision I was forcing upon others. But I do want to break this stereotype and I do want to celebrate how amazing veganism is and how important it is for this world. This is exactly why I created this platform. I wanted to have a place to talk about my experiences and what I’ve learned over the years. I wanted a platform where I can help and encourage people to at least learn from my journey and make better and healthier life choices for themselves! It’s your life, I would never force my beliefs on you. But if you knew what I did, then maybe you’d be more mindful of the foods you choose to eat and the life you decide to live.

However, this platform is not solely about my experiences with veganism. Even though it has initiated many life goals of mine and has opened a lot of doors for me in this world, I do have so much to say about real-world problems and life itself! This page is about ALL my experiences in life; not only as a vegan, but as an individual that cares so much about living a healthy, happy and full life. So I encourage you to explore life with me and listen to what I have to say; not to force you to go vegan, but to learn something new and open your eyes to a new perspective.



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